June and September Returns

Schools with funding year levels 9 and above need to generate the one page summary and declaration from edge, in June and September.

Only state and state-integrated schools with year levels 9 and above are required to complete a roll return for June and September. The official roll count days are:

Thursday 28 May                     Tuesday 1 September

The Roll Return process in edge can be completed on the roll count day, or for up to 10 days after the count date. This only produces students enrolled on the count date, for generating the one page summary and declaration from edge

Your June E1 Summary return is due to the MoE as soon as possible after Thursday 28 May, and September S1 Summary return due to the MoE as soon as possible after Tuesday 1 September.

Checking and correcting your data

  1. Prior to roll count day, use Check Data (Enrolments > MoE Returns > Check Data) to list any data errors or warnings. This does not create Ministry tables, but validates the data listing any data not fitting into the MoE's predefined parameters. All errors listed on student data (including subjects and option sets), and caregiver data, needs to be accurate (matching ENROL data) and must be fixed to enable the .moe file to be created and submitted within the official roll return period. If there are any concerns regarding the returns, see the Ministry guidelines online.

    we wanted to show you the MoE Check Data page

    - and have the teachers mark attendance and return these to the office by the end of roll count day.

  2. If you have any errors or warnings, these will be listed showing the relevant roll returns period:

  3. Print these out using the ‘print data validation report’ link, then correct them through Enrolments > Students > Students Details; or alternatively you can use Enrolments > Summary > Student Data Issues. 

  4. Print your (September S1) one page Summary Roll Return, and check the tables for accuracy; keep a copy signed off by the Principal. 

  5. The Roll Count table and Māori medium education* tables in June and September* are optional and can be printed for your interest. For detailed requirements see the education counts site.

  6. Print the Audit Class Lists* (only available for year 9-15 students) generated for:

  • Wednesday 27 May, Thursday 28 May, and Friday 29 May 2015
  • Monday 31 August, Tuesday 1 September, and Wednesday 2 September 2015

*We have been advised that changed requirements for the 1 September 2015 return contained in a flyer have been sent directly to schools. Audit class lists are not required to be completed for the Ministry, but may be used for school purposes. MUSAC edge will not be updated for the revised 2015 requirements. For further information or clarification on the changed requirements, please contact the Resourcing Division’s Contact Centre:

Phone 04-463 8383
Email resourcing@education.govt.nz


Printing and Submitting your .moe file

During official roll returns periods the 'Print Files' and 'Submit File' links are activated from Enrolments > MoE Returns > Summary. Once your data is error free and cross checked, the Roll Returns Tables can be printed and signed - then the file can be submitted by clicking the link alongside each step.

When you click the ‘Submit file’ link, edge checks the connection to the MoE server, then as a final check a field opens which refers to the ‘Hash Code’ – this requires the last five digits from the checksum number at the bottom of your Returns Tables printouts to be entered. Once this number is entered correctly (cross-checked) you can then submit the file. Please note the Footer fields Approver, Approval Date and Approval Time for June and September returns can and should be left blank in the .moe files.

Other requirements

  1. The Principal must check and sign off the entire form

  2. Fax or scan and email the original checked and signed form to school.returns@minedu.govt.nz on or after roll count day

  3. Table the roll count total at the next Board of Trustees meeting (BOT Chairperson no longer needs to sign off roll return form).



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