You can add or edit School Announcements from the Dashboard, or Admin > Setup.

MUSAC announcements are presented for your attention, and once closed, display a 'Read' status. 

How do I access School Announcements?

Here the school announcements are listed (latest added or edited first), together with the number of pages, and display Start Dates.

  1. To make changes to announcements (with Communications User Responsibility assigned) you can use the link from the Dashboard, or from the Admin > Setup tab 'School Announcement'.

  2. For a new announcement you can 'Add New Announcement' to display a notice on the Dashboard, adjusting the display dates if appropriate.

  3. Click on the relevant announcement for editing from the list, for the 'Edit Announcement' box. Start/end dates should be changed if appropriate, and 'Site' fields are displayed. Sites can be limited to Staff, Caregiver, or Student, otherwise blank allows all users to view the announcement.  Save or delete for each announcement. You will be prompted to confirm your wish to remove items.

  4. Scroll down if necessary to see more or click ‘Add New Announcement’.


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