Notify teachers via Dashboard and/or email for Pastoral transactions, Attendance alerts and National Standard OTJs (Final). A user with an Administration role allows them to access to the set up of Notifications.

How do I notify teachers of important information about students ?


Notifications are configured via Admin>Setup>Notification Settings.

For each notification:

1.      Select the staff member/s and/or role/s to be notified.

2.      Select the relevant student/s, year level/s or group/classes.

3.      Select the type/s (Attendance, Assessment or Pastoral).

4.      Select the criteria (e.g. all unjustified attendance codes).

5.      Select how to be notified (Dashboard and/or Email). N.B the Dashboard notification is a new clickable message bubble alongside the user name.

6.      An editable Notification Template can also be configured for each notification type.

Notification 1

Some notification examples are:

-  When a specific student has an Unexplained attendance code added to them.

-  A reminder that a student’s after 1, 2 or 3 year National Standard Anniversary OTJs (Final) are due.

-  When a pastoral transaction has been added to a student you are associated with.



* Attendance notifications are active between 9:30am - 5.00pm on open school days.

* Pastoral notifications are updated every minute.

* Assessment notifications (National Standards Final OTJ) are updated overnight.


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