School Settings

Enabling user online access, vertical or horizontal form class, House title, unjustified absence, ENS, school report logo, enable Best Fit model settings are saved in Admin > Setup > School Settings. These require a staff member with the edge Account Maintenance user responsibility.

Settings enabling login access, attendance ENS settings, form type, Attitude to Learning, house group

Note:  Where not all year levels are ticked here, affects access to the Caregiver (parent) portal and the Student portal - for student data. The year level for each has a bearing on the data available in terms of all siblings, eg. ability to view reports, NCEA details etc. See the "Attitude to Learning Settings" on this page (below) for more to enable Attitude to Learning functionality, and select year levels. 

  1. The purpose of the Site Access area is to allow, and notify of access, to staff, caregiver and students to use the edge portals. These settings reflect the access given to each student and/or caregiver, by student year levels.

  2. Once each appropriate ticked year level box is saved, the Access Notification message (top of the black box) will display the outstanding number who have not been notified of their access details. 

    We wanted to show you the setup for site access notifications portals

  3. To find out who is missing an email address, you can click the link at the top to view a list.

  4. If your school has an enrolment scheme, see the Admin > MoE Returns > Summary page.

  5. Because the Access Notification process is a once-only notification with each user, on clicking 'Save" for the relevant year level/s for your student/s, check the numbers listed and then click the "Send Access Notifications ... " link. Once this has been activated, the display changes to confirm all portal users have received notification emails.  Here is a sample of the message sent along with some other suggestions if you would prefer to copy and paste into your own message.

  6. Form Class Type settings are to distinguish whether the school uses a vertical or horizontal grouping for classifying students. Enter 'Group', 'Tutor' (or other) titles used.

    • For some school types, both the 'Vertical Groups' and the 'Horizontal Group' options are available. You must select the 'Vertical Group' option if you want the classes to be available to enter assessment results, and for caregiver reporting.

    • Where vertical forms are used, the tickbox indicates whether the vertical forms are House Vertical forms, ie. all vertical form and students are linked to a common House.

  7. The "Use House" checkbox enables setting up new houses, and the House Title determines the heading displayed throughout edge. New Houses are added on the Curriculum > Classes > Define House page, and may contain alpha, numeric and special characters.

    Houses are no longer related to classes. Where students are currently in Houses related to classes prior to extending the House functionality, the students will be migrated directly into the House for the school.

  8. Electronic Attendance Settings for MoE compliance are entered here.

    • Following eAR specifications,  ?  (unknown) codes should be resolved to another code as quickly as possible. When a value (between 1 and 99) is entered into the Days for Automatic Truancy field, this represents the number of days before a question mark attendance code is automatically converted to a  T  (Truant) code. If this field is left blank,  ?  (unknown) attendance codes marked against students will automatically be converted to  T  in the student's attendance record overnight.

    • For the Unjustified Absences field, click the 'Add Alarm' link to view the relevant field and set, by entering the number of half days or using the arrows at the end of the field, the alarm period counting consecutive half days absent. The email addresses of those you wish to have automatically notified of the unjustified absences entered and saved here are used for the alert. Click 'Add another' if there is to be more than one notification email.

    • Complete the user responsibility and attendance code fields (in addition to codes P, L and ?) which set the available attendance codes for each user responsibility to mark their rolls. All codes are available by default to the edge Attendance Officer.

  9. Early notification ('ENS') is set up here. Please contact our product specialists to set up for TxtStream, and school-links account details are initially arranged directly between your school and school-links.

  10. TxTStream, school-links or MGM Wireless manage absence text message alerts to caregivers, and replies. Attendance Officer edge user responsibility is necessary to view the relevant ENS pages. To display pages available from the Attendance > Attendance Records menu where the Add Student(s) link provides search criteria to create the student group, students added to the selection using the student search filter are listed together with legal guardians when they appear on the Unexplained Absences page. A cell phone symbol displays, the colour of which shows status in terms of caregiver message and response.

  11. Tick checkbox for National Standards if you wish to activate the 'Use Best Fit' model for use in the recording National Standards OTJ pages for Reading, Writing and Maths.

  12. The 'Attitude to Learning Settings' enable you to select which years, within your school, you want to report on for Attitude to Learning. If none of the year levels are selected, the ATL Configuration page, Data Entry page and Report pages will be hidden. Once a year level is selected and saved within the School Settings page, the ATL pages will be displayed.

  13. Students.  The ability to enter assessment data entry for previous years (tick box) and can allow teachers to view any students's summary information (tick box).  Where the 'Use Student Enrolment Number' box is checked/ticked, the student's unique number will be included together with basic student summary details shown - for all school types. This displays for data entry in the Additional Info section of Student Details

  14. Where appropriate, you may have an 'Integration Settings' box which needs to be checked to enable the IDE export for data to be retrieved - this will be available for Nelson loop schools only. For other schools to export a list of users and their classes for uploading current student details, see instructions to upload users in bulk to KnowledgeNET. For schools using Ultranet, please see Ultranet instructions for updating users for a new school year.

  15. Report Settings.  This allows you to configure the email address reports are sent from when they are emailed. ie: office@edge.school.nz.  Once an email address has been inserted, click 'Save' button.


  16. Where you wish to include your School's logo in reports etc, the file is uploaded here. Click 'Logo file requirement' link for file type and size details, and click 'Save Logo' for the logo to be included.

  17. Click 'Save' to complete school settings.



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