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Mark attendance by Group

How do I mark attendance records in bulk, eg. for an admin group or school event?

At times it may be necessary to mark the student records for a large group at once.

Teachers are not able to view all attendance tabs. To filter bulk attendance records from today's timetable only, there are three links/views from which to choose - By Form/Room, By Year Level; and By Surname (Alphabetical). It is important to note that while periods of marked student attendance are included, they are not editable on this page. It is only possible to mark periods which are UNMARKED.

  1. To search from records for an admin group, the Whole School > By [horizontal group] operates by filtering Attendance from today's timetable. First select the required group. This displays periods which students have classes for today.

  2. All students within this filter have a fast-fill area for marking where you can set one or more periods. In contrast to 'Class Rolls', in this area select 'P Present' for overwriting the unmarked periods, then address individual students' periods with appropriate attendance codes. 

  3. Click 'Submit Attendance'.


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