The Dashboard presents information in the form of panels and widgets, depending on your role/s (assigned user responsibilities in edge - Teacher or Admin view) in the school.

What can I do from the Dashboard?

This is a bit of an overview of the whole program. The dashboard give yous access to the program, to notices and to widgets that can bring information to you.

Click 'Edit Profile' for the existing user name or password for your profile.  From here you can change your email address and edge password. Don't forget once changes are made click on the 'Save' button.

  edit profile change email address and password

  change email and password

Where you may log in as different responsibilities, eg. a Caregiver for your child at one school, and as a teacher at a different school, you will have the option to select which data you require, and you will only see information appropriate to your responsibilities at that school.

Become familiar with the tabs at the top:

  • People covers tasks including enrolling students, staff and caregivers; membership and viewing personal details.

  • Achievement covers tasks including NCEA - Student Summary, Assign standards; Student Assessments, Achievements, Analysis and NAG2A

  • Timetable covers Configuration and Information on your School/Student timetables.

  • Reports cover Templated, Custom, Attitude to Learning and Middle School covering design, data entry, printing and publishing.

  • Attendance is for marking rolls and analysing statistics, search by code, audit lists etc.

  • Finance tab (visible if you carry out this role in your school).  Includes Configuration, Processing, Transactions and Student Lists.

  • Pastoral tab (visible if your Account Maintenance person has assigned a Pastoral Officer user responsibility for your school who then sets up pastoral fields)

  • Admin (visible if you have permission) includes configuring user responsibilities, logins, school calendar settings incl. teachers only days, school teaching location definition, school contact details, settings and announcements, and import/export. This includes MoE Returns.


Widgets are downloadable applications which depend on web browsers. Two widgets are permanently displayed: School Announcements and MUSAC edge Announcements. For those with Enrolment Officer responsibility configured in Admin > Security, an ENROL widget brings the enrolment status of students to your fingertips. To add widgets to display on the Dashboard (according to your user responsibility), click 'Add Widget' (once selected, click on Save Setting button to save the widget for future use).  Widgets are fixed in size and may be drag-and-dropped. If any delays are experienced in loading, this is not expected and can be achieved by refreshing the page.


A Support widget will be available for the first time you log in to edge. A video tour is available from here to assist you. This widget can be turned back on if you like. Click 'Add Widget' to select from the widgets available, to display appropriate data for you quickly dependant on edge user responsibilities assigned - eg. advising teachers of students who are having birthdays, or if assigned the Enrolment Officer user responsibility, display the total number of students with data issues for roll returns. The 'All' option contains the most generic widgets useful across the board for a variety of roles. Save your settings as you add each widget.

Where the widget displays large numbers, these are totals. By clicking the number displayed in the widget, this links straight to the relevant page, eg on clicking the total for:

  • Enrolled Students daily count - links to Enrolment Summary page.

  • Today's Student Birthdays provides a list - links to the Student Summary page for the appropriate student selected.

  • Today's Incomplete (Unsubmitted) Rolls - for Attendance Officer role, links to the Incomplete Attendance Rolls for today page. 

  • The Attendance Rate pie chart shows the whole school statistics providing sharp data - for the Attendance Officer, Group Leader, Subject Leader roles. 

  • Locked Users - links to the Unlock Users functionality within the Setup tab. This is visible where the Account Maintenance user responsibility role is assigned.

  • Pre-Enrolled Students - links to the list of pre-enrolled students. 

  • Students with Roll Return Errors - for Enrolment Officer role assigned, links to the Check Data and Create .moe File page for the next roll return period for MoE Returns.

To remove a widget, click the Close button on the widget you no longer want displayed. Widgets can also be moved around on the page.

If the only user responsibility role you have been allocated is Teacher, then the Dashboard will display information relating to your class.


add widget and save

Once logged in you will be on the Dashboard page.

The 'Help' tab is available at the bottom right corner of every page.  

At the top of every page are menus which, if hovered over, present a list of pages with related functionality available. 

To open one of the pages move your mouse pointer down onto the menu, then across to the required item, and left click.

TIP - If you want more than one edge page open at once, right click on the item, (or link if you are on a page already) and choose ‘open link in new tab’. (Please note there is a time limit on each tab ie: If one tab in Edge times out, all tabs will time out).


This is the place for 'School Notices'. To create or delete School Announcements requires permissions being granted to whomever has the 'Communications' User Responsibility role (available in the Admin > Security tab).  Top of the list is the latest announcement to be edited or added.

MUSAC Updates are notified in our 'edge Announcement' area.


If your school has set up Notifications, these will be displayed as a red "bubble" to the right of your name. The bubble will show any unread messages as a number. Click the bubble to read the Notifications


Find Student - View Student Summary

To quickly find details you need, the student search field is available at the foot of each page - begin typing the student’s name.  Should the field not correctly display, eg. if you are using some versions of Internet Explorer (rather than Firefox or Safari), it may be necessary to click the Compatibility button beside the website address at the top of your browser, and F5 to refresh. This will often correct out-of-place menus, images or text.  Selecting the student from the drop-down list goes to their summary Student Details page. 

Contact Us

Click 'Contact Us' on the foot of each page. This gives you an email prepared for your completion from the page you were on, for direct feedback to the Edge Learning Support team. We welcome your feedback.

Contact Us Tab


The visible tabs and available pages throughout edge depend on the roles you carry out within your school - and relevant user responsibilities assigned in edge.

Admin View

 Admin View

Teacher View

Teacher View


If you have permissions to view the Admin tab, tasks included are School Details for your Principal, school address and contact details. Some details will already appear eg. school type, which are derived from your Ministry school number. Announcements can be added (or from the Dashboard), Configure User Responsibilities, Import/Export Data including e-asTTle, NZCER & PaCT/TWA; and MoE Roll Returns.  

Assessment Analyst may view assessment analysis without the ability to complete data entry or configuration.

News of new updates(Releases, release notes) appear in the MUSAC edge Announcements widget on the Dashboard. These are available to read again once the prominent light box display is closed.


Opens the current page/s in a new popup window which is resizeable.

Log out

At the top right of the page, this logs you out of the edge site and is the recommended way to log out of edge.



Looking for more answers? email support with your question.