Export to Xero

edge enjoys a trusted partnership with Xero, making it even easier to send data to Xero. Please ensure that once you have set this up that any Ledgers that have been billed in Edge are not subsequently changed or deleted in Xero.

Export to Xero

Financial batches created in edge can be automatically sent to Xero, avoiding the need to download files for updating. You can also import your ledger numbers from Xero, by setting accounts at the top of the maintain ledger numbers page.

Video explanation on how to set up Xero with Edge.


Automatic exporting

To automatically pick up your batches from edge, setup must first be completed in Xero, with the added feature of importing the ledger numbers from Xero's Chart of Accounts. This requires manually setting the 3 accounts at the top of the Main ledger numbers page. For Xero schools, the field "Unallocated Credits" is editable in Xero, so if your school calls this "Income in Advance", this will be reflected on the ledger summary report - if labelled "Unallocated credits", this is what will display. 

To set up in XERO:

  1. Identify the three Special Accounts

    Bank Account Type: BANK where the income is deposited;

    Bank Account for Income in Advance, Type: CURRENT LIABILITY where the income is received, but not allocated to Billable Items

    Bank Account for Clearing Account, Type: CURRENT LIABILITY interim account used in the "Export Batch to XERO" process (showing overall Zero).

  2. Identify REVENUE accounts to be used in edge (Currently only Revenue accounts are synced between Edge and Xero).

  3. Edit ledger numbers in edge to match XERO. Note: any unmatched ledger numbers will be deleted). If new to using Edge Finances then you can sync to import the revenue ledger numbers from Xero in Edge.

  4. In edge enter 'Special Ledgers' and to synchronise accounts, the Maintain Ledger Number page displays a "Sync with XERO" button, and displays a message confirming when the accounts are successfully synchronised. 



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