Define Group and add students

From the People > Memberships > Define Groups page, assessment analysis functionality by group (eg. clusters) is available to Assessment Co-ordinators. Analyse assessment data on your defined group.

To be able to set up and configure groups requires having the Assessment Co-ordinator user responsibility assigned in edge. The setting up of groups is configured on the People > Memberships > Define Groups page. 

Or I want to add students to my group

Groups can be created in edge in 3 categories:

  • Learning
  • Cultural
  • Sports Groups

There are 5 pre-defined learning groups:

  • At Risk Students
  • English Language Learners
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Reading Recovery
  • Special Needs

You can also create your own custom groups.

Process for adding a new Group

From People > Memberships > Define Groups > Create New Group, for the current or next year (if previous year link greyed out the 'Previous Year' option is unavailable), it is compulsory to complete the group's Date Range (selected from drop-down), Group Type (selected from drop-down eg. Learning) and Name fields.

If you are creating a Learning group then you will get the choice of Learning group Icons so you can flag any students in the group on the detail and my class page. An Icon corresponding the the Learning Group Option will then show on the Student Banner, giving the staff in

Select a Teacher(s) from the dropdown menu, give them a Start and End date, if applicable and assign a Responsible Teacher (only 1 can have this role). Tick if they are reporting or not, then Save.

Adding students to the Group

  1. To add students to the group, click the 'Add Student(s) to group' link

  2. Use the student filter to choose students individually; or list by year level, class, select those required and click 'Add to Selection'. The start date field applies to all the students currently selected

  3. Click 'Save students' to attach to your group

  4. You can add or move individual students between groups from the student's People > Students > Student Details (select student) > Group Membership page

  5. To view your group for assessment analysis, use the "Group" tab in the Achievement menu

we wanted to show you the Groups tab available for analysis of assessment

Removing a teacher from a group

To remove a teacher, from the Define Groups page, a "Remove" button appears beside any extra teacher(s):

  • When removing a teacher using "Remove" removes and automatically saves at the same time
  • When adding a teacher, requires clicking "Save"
  • If the teacher has left your school, they are unable to be removed currently and will appear on the group lists


Sports Groups in Edge can now be selected to be included in the NZSSSC census.

This then allows you to record the reporting sport and to list group members and their roles.


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