Caregiver and contact details are available in Enrolments

Where do I see caregiver details?

Caregiver details are available directly from Student Details > Caregivers tab. This page displays a list of the Caregivers associated with the student and their relationship to the student (available from the dropdown which includes close family options as well as eg. "International Liaison". On Student Details pages the student photo can be magnified by clicking on the photo to enlarge. Close the enlargement using either the "X"; click away; or when hovering on the picture you'll see a "minus" icon you can click. If a student has either contact caregivers or emergency caregivers, then an "ambulance" icon is displayed on the right hand side of the student's name.  If there is also an image of two heads to the right of the student's name then enrolment notes have been entered in, hover over this and or click on the image to see more details.

To edit any caregiver's details, click the  "+"  sign to expand the details to view, and click the 'Edit' button to access the caregiver details, including the status flags.

caregiver flags

The diagram displays the members of the student's family, including siblings.


Note: a Caregiver will only be included in the ‘box’ where

  • they are a ‘Legal Guardian’ and
  • live at the same address as the student

For a caregiver who is a ‘Legal Guardian’, but lives at another address, his/her details will be displayed, but outside the ‘box'.

Leavers do not display for current students. However, if you select a leaver, then their current siblings at the same school will be displayed.

Adding a new caregiver

To avoid duplicating these details, initial search criteria in addition to the name searches existing records, with possible outcomes - Exact or Likely:

Exact = identical fields for:

Surname, First Name, Gender and Email or Mobile Phone, Work Phone or Home Phone

Likely = identical fields for:

Surname and First Names and Gender; AND any of: home or cell phone, email, physical postal code
Note:  edge can have only 1 exact match.  If an exact match is found, likely lists are ignored

Status flags

Tick into the relevant Status flags as appropriate for each Caregiver:

  • Legal Guardian   -   for Ministry purposes, can have more than one caregiver ticked, and student not necessarily residing with

  • Student's Address   -   a student must have at least one caregiver with this 'Student's Address' flag checked for the MoE file. There can be only one caregiver for this purpose (even though the student may be living with two (or more) caregivers); or a message will display advising there is already a caregiver attached to another student address. For shared custody of the student, use the address where the student mainly lives. The single Student's Address field data is also used for NZQA, and to determine the 'eldest' in the family for creation of the newsletter list 

  • Data Access  -  allows Caregiver online access, including all information (eg. attendance, timetable, achievement reporting). This indicates that the caregiver can view their own childs data through the edge caregiver portal, once additional configuration to enable access has been completed in 'Setup'

  • Bill Payer   -   receives Request for Payment.

  • Notice Recipient   -   this flag determines whether or not the caregiver reports are made available to the caregiver in their portal

  • Denied Access   -   no access allowed to student including school grounds; and no online Caregiver portal access

  • Emergency Contact   -   nominated by Caregiver for this responsibility

  • Voting Rights   -   Any caregivers who have the Voting Rights ticked to be included on the voters list for export. You may need to remove duplicates once you have exported. On the Caregivers page of Student Details, expand the Caregiver's details by clicking the chevron to see the list of rights associated with the Caregiver, eg. Legal Guardian, Voting Rights, Emergency Contact

To export your Caregiver details to a .csv file see People > Caregivers > Export Contact Details for export options. The data can be exported by classes or the whole school.



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