Personal details are with Enrolments data

How do I access student medical details?

  1. If a student has a medical condition which has a severity of either "Contact Caregiver" or "Emergency Care Required", then an "ambulance" icon is displayed on the right hand side of the student banner

  2. View existing medical data held, or to enter information on medical conditions and allergies click 'Add Another Medical Condition or Allergy to This Student'

  3. Where adding medical conditions, for choices of medical conditions to select from, click in the Medical Conditions column or click the arrow to the right of the field. Tab to the Severity field, select from the contact/care/risk options given

  4. If appropriate click in the tickboxes for 'Medicine Held' and 'Hospitalization Required'

  5. As appropriate type comments into the 'Details' box, repeat the process for another condition if required.

  6. Medical Details includes a parental consent tickbox for the school to take action on behalf of the parent in emergency

  7. Save any changes



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